Illegal instruction crash with HDF5

Does this work for anyone on Linux? I get an “illegal instruction” crash on opening the file… An issue has been filed, but I wonder if it is just the specifics of my Linux set up, or if it is anything to do with the HDF5 Julia interface itself.

using HDF5

A = rand(Complex{Float64}, 5, 5)

h5open("mydata.h5", "w") do file
    write(file, "A", A)  # alternatively, say "@write file A"

c = h5open("mydata.h5", "r") do file
    read(file, "A")

c - A

Same here.

There are quite a few pieces of code that can lead to that exception in julia 1.0…
Have a look at:

You could also check out the linked branch and see if it fixes it!

Thank you all for the confirmation. And thanks for the pointers.