I just joined the course and find that I can get no sound at all on my Raspberry.4.00 on your course

I have no other system to use for the course and can see no way that I could even consider taking the course without any sound. I have in fact already upgraded the pi from 32 bit to 64 bit specifically in order to take your course and was very much looking forward to beginning your Julia course. I can but trust that you can offer me enough help and support from which to over come and resolve this issue promptly and that I do not find myself losing out on the course though no fault of mine without even having had a chance to start it. Many thanks for your help assistance and support and kindness at this time.

Sean, are you taking a course on Julia Academy?
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Do you have a problem with video playback from this course?

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I would go to some RPi forum for help on getting sound out of an RPi. There may be someone here who knows how to do it, but asking in a related forum will always increase your chance of getting useful instructions.

I have already tried that to no avail.

Do you have reason to believe that there’s an issue with JuliaAcademy specifically or do you just not get any sound from your Pi? Can you play a random YouTube video?

If you’re not getting any sound at all, the Julia Discourse might indeed not be the ideal venue to troubleshoot the problem.

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Well I am not too sure either way. That is why I was asking for help !

But presumably you can open a browser on your Pi and go to e.g.

to see if there’s any sound? If there isn’t it’s an issue unrelated to JuliaAcademy

Well I opened music package up and could see the red line moving. But still no sound whatsoever. I recently purchased a new speaker from Pi Hut for the pi. However I have no reason to suppose that it works or will ever do so. We tried, many thanks.

Sean have you fixed this issue?

No. I could not get anywhere at all with it. Can you help ?

There are two things to look at. Hardware and software.
For hardware try another audio device.
Do you have a USB headset maybe?

I have a Pi but am less familiar with the audio software.
With Linux there are different methods available to send sound to an audio device.

My thought - try the audiomixer application and make sure your output device is not muted.

I have a PI 4B with 8 Gig of RAM. It has the 32 bit Raspberry PI OS, the desktop version. I had never tried sound on it until I came across this post. I plugged in a headset to the 1/8" connector and played the concert posted above without issue, or loading more software. Can you try the speaker on a friend’s computer to make sure that part works?

Hi John,
I have no headset to try and like yourself. I know little about audio software. All the best