I couldn't debug codes that ran normally

I could run my code correctly. But when I wanted to debugger and check some variables, it seemed that the debugger couldn’t get through function fft! in the FFTW package. The debugger broke down in FFTW package and I couldn’t figure it out. What’s the problem? Is there anything wrong with JuliaInterpreter package?

ERROR: TypeError: in typeassert, expected Core.SimpleVector, got a value of type Int64
 [1] evaluate_call_recurse!(recurse::Any, frame::JuliaInterpreter.Frame, call_expr::Expr; enter_generated::Bool)  
   @ JuliaInterpreter C:\Users\Ouyuan\.julia\packages\JuliaInterpreter\Q7nmG\src\interpret.jl:238
 [2] evaluate_call_recurse!
   @ C:\Users\Ouyuan\.julia\packages\JuliaInterpreter\Q7nmG\src\interpret.jl:227 [inlined]
 [3] eval_rhs(recurse::Any, frame::JuliaInterpreter.Frame, node::Expr)
   @ JuliaInterpreter C:\Users\Ouyuan\.julia\packages\JuliaInterpreter\Q7nmG\src\interpret.jl:399

I deleted the current Julia and its packages totally and installed it from scratch. The problems are gone now. Maybe I installed Julia v1.7 before the already existing Julia v1.6 or something…