I can't update Flux to the latest version, probably due to a package compat constraint. How do I fix this?

I recently got a NVIDIA GPU and wanted to run some of my old Flux code, but there is a bug with the older version of Flux and I cannot get it to work. Long story short, I need to update to the latest version of Flux. Experiments with the latest Flux and CUDA packages show that this will fix the bug.

I have about 15 dependencies I’ve added to my project, and I don’t know which one is causing Flux to be held back. I suppose it could be multiple packages holding it back even. How can I sort out this compatibility mess?

I’m less interested in my specific case, so I wont link my code. I don’t want to get side tracked on the specifics of my code base. I am more interested in what general strategies or tools are used by the Julia community to resolve situations like this?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Presumably you’ve read 3. Managing Packages · Pkg.jl?

Anyway, you can try to add a package which is held back, in this case flux, at a specific version add Flux@1.2.3. Usually that gives an interpretable error message. Alternatively, you can uninstall one of the other packages, do up and see wether that upgrades flux.

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Thank you, this solution works well. Compatibility issue like this are just plain hard, but I think the existing documentation and tools to fix this are good.

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