I can't add/update packages on julia 1.5.3

Hello! Yesterday I installed julia version 1.5.3 on windows 10 and I was able to install the Pluto, Plots, GR, Plotly packages. But today I can’t download any packages, nor update the previous ones. I have specifically tried it with StatsPlots, Colors, Images and I get the same error: Unasatisfiable requirements detected for package …

As the error messages are pointing to, there appear to be conflicting requirements between some the installed packages. Typically, when instaling or updating packages, the pkg manager will handle the potential conflicts by downgrading the version of some packages back to a common requirement agreement.
I doubt thoe following is the most elegant to handle this, but I’d suggest to remove a couple of packages that apper problematic such as WebIO and PlotlyJS, do a ] gc until you can perform a ] up that perform a successfull update without error.
I would also be curious to see the list of installed packages through ] st. Where there any that were pointing to specific version or private registries? These situation may be exposed to potential requirement conflicts.

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Just pointing out, gc should have no influence on this whatsoever.


Well, thanks for the help. I started with the packages: GR, Plots, Plotly, Pluto. I removed a package, ] gc , up Some and it didn’t work.
I removed all packages but still no way of adding new ones.
I’m deleting the .julia and starting again form 0. Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

When facing conflicts (and in general when working with projects), a good practice is to setup a new environment:

] activate newenv

In which you shouldn’t experience requirement conflicts as the the new environment is initialized with no package added:

(newenv) pkg> st
Status `C:\Users\jerem\newenv\Project.toml` (empty project)

If you still get an error within a new environment, then it might be more of an issue.