HPC 12M Master course at Sissa, Trieste, Italy

Hello, I forward this email on an (advanced) 12 months master course on HPC programming/hardware at SISSA in Trieste, Italy (they are pretty strong in Physics)…

Dear Users,

you might be interested to know and to share that enrollments are now open
for the 9th edition of the specialization course “Master in High
Performance Computing” (MHPC) co-organized by the Scuola Internazionale
Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) and the Abdus Salam International Centre
for Theoretical Physics (ICTP).

MHPC is an innovative advanced training program with the aim of training a
new class of professionals able to exploit and manage the powerful, complex
and modern technologies underlying HPC.

Students who will complete this 12-months-course will have a solid background
in scientific approaches to advanced computing, algorithms, numerical
simulation techniques used in technical-scientific environments, the
fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and at the same
time a clear understanding of the functionality of cutting-edge hardware
architectures in HPC combined with the latest developments in software
engineering techniques.

MHPC courses, which will start in September 2022, are based on scientific and
technical problems that require an HPC-based approach for their resolution.
Lessons are held by SISSA and ICTP staff and internationally recognized
experts in the field. Both institutes have a long history and experience in
the development and application of advanced scientific computing models.

Details about tuition fee, requirements, and how to apply are available at
the following link: mhpc or you can send an email at

Will it use Julia? And to what extent?