HPAT.jl being discontinued!?

In an Issue raised over GitHub repo of Intel labs,I got to know that HPAT.jl is being discontinued and is being actively developed in another repo by the name hpat using python.

Given what the README.md page for HPAT.jl claims, it’s almost, in some cases around 1000 times faster than Apache Spark. As someone who has coded using pyspark, we were expecting a tough competition coming by something developed in Julia.

Is there something we can do to help resurrect the project as the developer sites the main reason being lack of resources?

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You can be the resource they are lacking.


(Actually it looks like most of the code in the other repo is in C++, with a Python interface.)

@stevengj I agree on that. However, they started with Julia almost 2 years back and abandoned it post Juliacon 2016.

…which means that it would be easy to wrap in Julia again?