How would I save a dictionary of dataframes that I can import to another file?

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I have a dictionary where all the values are dataframes. I want to be able to save/export this dictionary of dataframes and import it in another file.

Whats the best way to do this?

realistically, save each data-frame as a .csv in a subfolder and then write a function that reads all the .csv files into separate data frames and creates a dict from that.

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Assuming you only need to access these data from another julia session and not from another platform, you could just save the whole dictionary in a jld2 file. Or is use of JLD2 not recommended with DataFrames? If so, why is that?

@Julia1: You can use JLD2 package( to save and load files by using command in REPL
]add JLD2
Then you can use it by using

using JLD2, FileIO
X = Dict(1 => [0,0,0],
              2 => [1,0,0],
              3 => [5,3,0],
              4 => [6,5,1])
@save "example.jld2" X

and you can load saved variables by using following command:
@load "example.jld2"

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In my, admittedly not very extensive, experience: JLD2 seems to work reliably when the files are not too large and/or when the files only contain “built-in” Julia objects.

I just had a case where I saved a Dict where each entry was a simple Dict{Symbol, Matrix{Float64}. I have not found a way of reliably reading those files from disk when the “outer” Dict has a couple of thousand entries. A number of different errors were thrown.

Small files containing user defined objects have so far worked reliably.

Again, others likely have more extensive experience. Perhaps my experience is an outlier. I would love to know about tricks that make loading reliable. It would save me a lot of headaches.

For now I switched to saving everything that I cannot lose with JSON3.jl.