How to write subscripts in docs?

If I try to write this (there are double back ticks around the latex expressions but can make it show here)

Select map projection. lon\_0 \yen The following character determines det

I get. Note that the yen symbol is rendered right but not the subscript.
How do people write sub/super scripts in docs (Documenter here)?

Why did you escape the _? Without that it works as expected for me.

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Well because I saw it here (julia docs), that’s how it works on REPL and because that worked with the \yen case. But you are right, no escaping works (thought I had tried that too)

I can’t find anything about subscripts on that page.

\yen is a latex command so not sure how that relates to _.

_0 is a latex command too. We can find it in that table, though it’s not obvious because it’s a very long table. There is one row that says

U+02080 ₀ _0 Subscript Zero / Subscript Digit Zero

Yea, and it works, but you added an additional \ that breaks it.

Did you mean to link to then? That is for input in the REPL which is not latex.

I added the \ because it’s in that page (it was removed in the copy paste).
My point is that if \yen works, it makes all the sense to expect that \_0 works too (considering what we see in that table, be it for REPL only or not)

But that table is for tab completions in the REPL, and between `` you should write latex. The case for \yen just happens to coincide.

OK, bad luck in my picked example then. Anyway, I got the subscripts which the important.