How to write scripts with quick startup time (PackageCompiler.jl?)

I’d like to use Julia to write some scripts for quick tasks that could be otherwise done with Bash, sed, etc. Is there a good way to precompile the script to make it start quickly? Is PackageCompiler.jl a good option, and if so, what’s a recommended way to use it?

I would first recommend you try your script while passing the -O0 --compile=min flags to Julia and check how the times change. If your script is more IO-bound than CPU-bound then this should be enough. If your script does a lot of computational effort, then DaemonMode can help you (the first run will be yet slow, but every other run will be faster). I would turn to PackageCompiler.jl as a last resort.

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See `jlpkg` -- a command line interface to Pkg for a very nice example