How to use lm inside a for loop for different variables

Hi all, I’ve been trying to work around this problem, and I need a little bit of help.

I have a datarme that looks something like this:


And so on, and I want to evaluate all the linear models between Y and the combinations of 2 of the other columns, for that I am doing this:

list_comb = collect(combinations(names(list_cols, 2)) #where list_cols contains all the names expect Y

But then I really don’t know how to continue.
I thought about using a loop like this:

	for i in lista_comb
		lm(@formula(y~ i), df)

But this gives the following error: ArgumentError: There isn't a variable called 'i' in your data; the nearest names appear to be: (this is also inside a let block).

I later want to evaluate the r2 of every combination, so I can use the best one, and I know this is easily done with a list and an append!, but I need some help with this first part.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks a lot! I wasn’t familiar with term. After some tinkering, it works great.

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