How to use labels instead of numbers in xtick and ytick

Hi all,

I would like to use labels “low” and “high” on the x and y axis rather than numbers. For example, on the y-axis, “low” would be on the bottom and “high” would be on the top. I could potentially use annotate for the low, high and the axis labels, but this seems inelegant. Is there a better way?


using Plots

    grid = false,
    size = (240,130),
    xlabel = "dimension 1",
    ylabel = "dimension 2",
    framestyle = :box,
    xlims = (0,1),
    ylims = (0,1),
    linewidth = 1,
    xticks = [],
    yticks = [],

hline!([.50], linestyle=:dash, color=:black,label="")
vline!([.50], linestyle=:dash, color=:black,label="")
xticks=([-1,1], ["low", "high"])

Thanks again!