How to use Interact.jl to make sliders for reaction network parameters

Hi everyone. I’m learning Julia currently and have stumbled into a roadblock. I have a reaction network which I’ve defined in Catalyst. I’d like to use Interact to create sliders for the parameters to see how the trajectories change, but I’ve had no luck in finding a guide or tutorial to do this. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction or show me how?

Are you mainly interested in using this within Jupyter notebooks?
Another option is to use a Pluto notebook and build interactive sliders there. There is an example (without sliders) called SEIR-Catalyst.jl here: GitHub - rpmuller/Systems

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I’d like to learn to do this in Jupyter notebooks first, though Pluto may be the way to go down the line.

Sure. Have you been through the Interact tutorial?