How to use developed package in IJulia?

Hi all,

I was creating a pull request for Plots.jl when I wanted to test a feature available in a Jupyter notebook. In various ways I tried including the locally developed package into the notebook but I did not succeed. That is I wasn’t able to use the newly exported webm function that worked fine in the regular Julia REPL.

using Pkg
Pkg.develop(PackageSpec(path="../../.julia/dev/Plots")) #doesn't work
# or
#Pkg.add(PackageSpec(path="../../.julia/dev/Plots",rev="webm")) #also doesn't work
using Plots

Example output of that to be seen here:

So how would I go about it? Or what can I do to debug further?

Just ] dev Plots should work. What is the output?

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Ah wow, that worked! Didn’t knew you could use the ] syntax outside of the REPL. That works now!


Now it’s only a question for the very curious. Isn’t ] dev Plots just a call Pkg.develop similar to the one above?