How to update a package before a new release is made

I have opened an issue on AbstractAlgebra.jl and one of the maintainers apparently has committed a fix and closed the issue, however

pkg> update AbstractAlgebra

does not push any update on my system. I guess this is because a new release has not been made yet. How can I get around this?


You can use pkg> add AbstractAlgebra#tag if they have tagged the new release through git. A less direct option is to use pkg> add AbstractAlgebra#master.

I don’t see a new tag and I get

(v1.2) pkg> update AbstractAlgebra#master
ERROR: invalid token

Ah yes, I misspoke. It should be pkg> add AbstractAlgebra#master

Once the new version hits the registry, you can use pkg> free AbstractAlgebra to go back.

Even better get it straight from the horse’s mouth

pkg> add
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