How to target Intel performance cores only in multithreading

Hi all,
I have a code that uses multithreading. My system has 12700K with 6/2 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores
The issue I have is that I want to use only performance cores since efficiency cores are not strong enough and delay the whole process to finish.
Moreover, my CPU thermally throttles when all cores are activated. How can I specifically target certain cores/threads so I can use onlt p-cores in Intel processor?

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It doesn’t know anything about performance cores / efficiency cores yet so you have to manually pin to the correct cores. But I would also be open to PRs that improve the package in this regard.

(Currently only works on Linux. Windows is in progress but I need help there because I don’t have a Windows machine… MacOS will never work.)

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Thank you!

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Hi folks,

I have a similar issue where tasks are apparrently booted to efficiency cores when not in the foreground. Some way to force use of performance cores would be great. I have posted in more detail here: Tasks booted to efficiency cores when not in foreground or rendered on the screen

So after some research and experimentation, the following OS solution works for me in Windows 10:

powercfg /powerthrottling disable /path "C:\Julia\Julia-1.8.3\bin\julia.exe"