How to take the average value for each type in the job title column?

Hi, I have met the problem that for same employment type, there are different salary coressponding to the same job title, but I only need one salary value for one job title, can someone please give me some advices about how to take the average of those same job titles?

thanks in advance!


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Hi, thanks for the reply! I think I know how to do that step now.
But the problem is, the graph above comes from a large dataset, which I have used filter from Dataframe package (because I didn’t figure out how to use IMD filter to extract all rows have employment type is FT):

and when I was follow the link you gave me, the error was

I have googled it but I didn’t find any solutions, can you help me with that please?

Exactly as the error says: DataFrames and InMemoryDatasets both export a function named groupby, so you have to make clear which one you want by calling either DataFrames.groupby or InMemoryDatasets.

I would advise against using these packages at the same time. DataFrames has been around for a long time and there are a bunch of excellent learning resources, e.g. here for the type of split/apply/combine stuff you’re looking to do: