How to stop julia from printing variable assignmenets to console


Im trying to read some files containing strings and combine them using join()

My problem is that Julia prints the contents of those files to console after every variable assignment and it takes very long time because files are several megabytes long.

How can i stop it from printing the result of every variable assignment and just let it process things in the background?

# Reading data

f = open("desktop\\Verbs_data\\popular.txt", "r")
pop_verbs = readlines(f)

f = open("desktop\\Verbs_data\\douxieme.txt", "r")
second_gr = readlines(f)

f = open("desktop\\Verbs_data\\troisieme.txt", "r")
third_gr = readlines(f)

f = open("desktop\\Verbs_data\\premier.txt", "r")
first_gr = readlines(f)

# Proces data

allverbs = join([first_gr, second_gr, third_gr], " ") 


I guess you are doing it from REPL because in a script variables are not echoed to console after assignment. If you really want to do it this way, you can just add “;” at the end of line, e.g.:

f = open("desktop\\Verbs_data\\popular.txt", "r");
pop_verbs = readlines(f);


Thank you! That’s exactly what i was looking for.