How to solve this package compatibility issue?

I have a package PAM that depends on GraphMakie.jl and uses the GLMakie backend. The pacakge now has a very peculiar issue related to the version of Observables.jl package. Tests show that the issue is caused by the latest version of the Observalbes.jl package (v0.5.4). The issue disappears when I explicitly fix Observables.lj version at v0.5.2 (I do not test v0.5.3) in the testing environment. Note that my package does not explicitly depend on GLMakie.jl and Observable.jl (these packages are not in PAM’s Project.toml).

I have already file an issue at Bug in v0.5.4 but not in v0.5.2: Binding freed GLBuffer{Vec{4, Float32}} · Issue #102 · JuliaGizmos/Observables.jl · GitHub. But before it has been fixed, what best can I do?

The general question is: if a package A depends explicitly on a pacakge B, while B depends on C. Now, if a specific version of C is incompatible with A, what can I do to circumvent this situation if C is unlikely been fixed soon?

Just add C as a direct dependency to A and limit its version.

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This is really a straightforward approach. Thanks!

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