How to set :juno as the default Plots theme during startup


Hi all,

I want to set the :juno theme as the default theme of the Plots during startup of a new julia session. For this purpose, I wrote the following lines in the startup.jl file.

using Plots
using PlotThemes

But, this time the startup of a new session takes some time and following error is thrown

UndefVarError: PlotDisplay not defined

although it is not harmful since plotting is not affected and :juno theme is set. Any suggestions about other possible ways of setting :juno as the default theme without slowing down the startup.


const PLOTS_DEFAULTS = Dict(:theme => :juno)
I believe there’s a juno-specific startup file that you could also set this in?


This solved the problem. I do not know any juno-specific file but I wrote this line into startup.jl. Now the default theme is set to :juno and julia startup is not affected. Thank you for the reply.