How to see doc page of GitHub PR

Have asked people this, but cannot find it anywhere using search functions.

I have a PR to a Julia package hosted on GitHub (with documentation produced in, what I think is, the normal Julia way): General doc update by TorkelE · Pull Request #706 · SciML/Catalyst.jl · GitHub

There is some way to see the documentation that would be produced by this PR (by writing the correct URL), but what is it?

I would also like to know if there is a better way e.g. to check that references and links work. The only method I know of is to “view” the markdown files on Github.

From your link:

  1. image
  2. Click “View file” under the three dots dropdown.
  3. Copy the link to that webpage e.g.
    Catalyst.jl/docs/src/catalyst_applications/ at 6980635902d987df712a06da39c32585500c6e25 · SciML/Catalyst.jl (
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The most reliable way is to build the documentation yourself locally:

using Pkg

and then open the docs/build/index.html file in your favorite browser.

If it’s a repo you have access to, you can also activate PR docs preview with the push_preview argument to Documenter.deploydocs. But it will only work for repo insiders, not for PRs that come from a fork


If you click on the documenter/deploy commit status it takes you to the preview.

In your case it looks like Documenter managed to push the files, but it didn’t trigger GitHubs build and deploy. Most likely you haven’t set up the SSH deploy key correctly.


Thanks everyone, this was all really useful :slight_smile:

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