How to resolve this method invalidation for `all` introduced by loading FillArrays?

julia> using SnoopCompileCore

julia> invalidations = @snoopr using FillArrays;

julia> using SnoopCompile

julia> trees = invalidation_trees(invalidations);

julia> trees[end]
inserting all(f::Function, x::FillArrays.AbstractFill) @ FillArrays ~/Dropbox/JuliaPackages/FillArrays.jl/src/FillArrays.jl:590 invalidated:
   backedges: 1: superseding all(f::Function, a::AbstractArray; dims) @ Base reducedim.jl:1007 with MethodInstance for all(::TOML.Internals.Printer.var"#1#2", ::AbstractVector) (256 children)

julia> VERSION

I’m new to tracking invalidations, and would appreciate some help in understanding how to address this.