How to read GraphML with node and vertex metadata

Is there an efficient way to read a GraphML file and produce a MetaGraph?

My use case: I have a file containing 210,157 vertices and 1,016,092 edges, all with metadata. I can succesfully read the graph using

g = loadgraph(“~/calcGraph-20230316.graphml”,“graph”,GraphMLFormat())

but that ignores the key and data nodes. MetaGraph.jl doesn’t seem to have a function to read GraphML files.

Is there a way to read the GraphML, apart from using EzXML to read the GraphML file and building the MetaGraph myself? If not, what would be the most efficient and/or most Julian way to approach this?

If you open an issue on MetaGraphsNext.jl we might be able to help. MetaGraphs.jl is not very actively developed

Thanks, I’ve opened an issue (1645748316)