How to re-enable code syntax highlighting for IJulia in Jupyter

I was using IJulia with Jupyter just fine. The only thing I didn’t like was whenever I’d highlight a section of code with the mouse, I couldn’t see it very well since I’m using Dark Reader in Chrome browser.

I tried to fix this problem, and now wish I hadn’t since I’ve seemed to mess up the natural and beautiful code syntax highlighting; where keywords are colored differently from other code. Embarassingly, I failed to record the precise steps taken to disrupt things.

I lost all syntax coloring and don’t know how to get it back.
I start using Jupyter with IJulia via Anaconda; where I invoke Jupyter and Jupyter Lab via Anaconda Navigator.

Jupyter Lab has the syntax highlighting working fine, so the problem is isolated to Jupyter.

Please advise on how I may easily fix the problem I have caused.

I’ve been having similar problems with loss of code highlighting with Julia on Jupyter Notebooks. I’m using Julia 1.41 and most recent version of Anaconda. I generally use Safari on an iPad.

The first time this happened, I thought I had made a change to a configuration file.

I tried restarting kernel, restarting server, changing my device to an a Mac and Linux device. No luck. I totally deleted and reinstalled Julia. I deleted and reinstalled Anaconda. Sometime after deleting ~/.local/Jupyter and ~/.jupyter directories, I got colorization back.

And then a day later, I’ve lost it again. This time doing what I did before hasn’t resorted colorization to my code cells.

Any advice on how to continue to debug would be appreciated.

I am also getting some jupyter notebooks without syntax highlighting every now and then. It could be a simple fix but I cannot find it.

This just happened to me, and this comment solved it for me

TLDR: just refresh the browser tab :slight_smile:

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