How to properly install the HSL.jl package?

A few of the packages I use often have the package HSL.jl as a dependency. I have noticed that when I install packages that have such dependency, I get a message informing me that HSL.jl is not properly installed and I need to it.

Error: HSL library not properly installed. Please run"HSL")

I have run"HSL"), but it doesn’t solve the problem. I have removed HSL.jl either by using rm, either by deleting its directory in the .julia folder, and re-installed it. Again, it was to no avail; I keep getting the same error message that says the package is not properly installed and I need to build it.

Has anyone deal with this issue? If so, what’s the solution you found?
Thank you.

@amontoison is the HSL guru

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Hi @Hugo!

You have an old version of HSL.jl (< v0.4) where it was still necessary to compile HSL packages.
With the latest releases (v 0.4.x), you can install HSL.jl as any Julia package and request an academic license here to download and install HSL_jll.jl.
HSL_jll.jl contains the precompiled shared library that contains C and Fortran routines that we can call in HSL.jl.
I can help to update the packages that use HSL.jl if it’s needed. :smiley:

Thank you for the clarification, @amontoison. I didn’t even know that HSL.jl requires a license. I’ll look into that.

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