How to plot outside of a notebook using GLMakie?

When I plot using GLMakie it plots inside the notebook. Is there a way to plot outside the notebook? For example, for Python the command %matplotlib qt allows plotting outside a notebook. Is there a similar command for Julia?

display(fig) should open a new window displaying the figure fig.

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Or you can do GLMakie.activate!(inline=false) to make it open a window by default.


Thanks! When I use it in the example below it does not work and still plot appears inside the notebook. I use Jupyterlab and the version of GLMakie is v0.8.8.

using GLMakie
x = 0:0.1:10
y = sin.(x);

Just checked, GLMakie.activate!(inline=false) does not work in Pluto either,
so this is not specific to Jupyter.
Versions: julia 1.9.2, GLMakie 0.8.8, Pluto 0.19.27, firefox 115.1.0esr.

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