How to Plot Direction Field with 4 places of decimal for the y-axis

Hi all,

I wonder is Julia plotting can’t plot the tickers for y-axis for number with lots of decimals 0.0001 etc.

It is only plotting 0.2 0.4 …

For the simple differential equation:

\frac{dq}{dt} = 300 ( 0.01 - 10^{-6})q

this is my code:

using LinearAlgebra, Plots

xs = 0:5:50
ys = -5*10^(-4):5*10^(-5):2*10^(-4)

# dx/dy = f(y,x)
df(x, y) = normalize([3-(3*10^(-4)y), 3-(3*10^(-4)y)])  

xxs = [x for x in xs for y in ys]
yys = [y for x in xs for y in ys]

Plots.quiver(xxs, yys, quiver=df)
plot!([10^(-4)], seriestype="hline", linestyle=:dash, color=:green, label="y(t)", legend=:outerright)

Not sure what the question is but if you want to plot yticks with 4 decimals you can do yticks = 0:0.0001:1 (or whatever the range of your function is) but you might end up with loads of ticks.