Yaxis scale

I am trying to plot some data were the y axis of the plot would be in thousands instead of a log scale. I cannot figure out way to do this in Julia. I have tried a few different back ends but to no avail. Code and image of plot below. This plot is using the gr back end.

julia> @df summ_two bar(:Category,cols(2),tickfont = 3 ,legend=false, rotation = 30, tick_direction = :out, yticks = -100000:1000:100000)

What’s the issue with the picture?

Edit: I think I get it. What you’re seeing is not a logarithmic axis, but scientific notation. You can change it with the yformatter attribute (if you’re using Plots.jl). It takes either a function f(x::Number)::String or one of :scientific, :plain and :auto. I’m guessing :plain is what you want.

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yformatter = x->x/1000

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Or yformatter=x->"$(x/1000) k".

If they want to just plot the data /1000, I would probably do that on the data side.

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Thanks @gustaphe that was what I needed.