How to pass test arguments using the REPL

How do I convert

julia> Pkg.test("BetaML"; test_args = ["all"])

to something like:

(@v1.5) pkg> test BetaML --test_args = ["all"]
(that now returns ERROR: Unable to parse `--test_args` as a package.)


Which options do you want? As you can see here, test has only the --coverage option:

(@v1.5) pkg> ?test
  test [--coverage] pkg[=uuid] ...

  Run the tests for package pkg. This is done by running the file test/runtests.jl in the package directory. The
  option --coverage can be used to run the tests with coverage enabled. The startup.jl file is disabled during testing
  unless julia is started with --startup-file=yes.

it is a custom option so that in my package I have a if "all" in ARGS condition to run different tests in automatic mode (Trevis) or manual one (see this merged PR).

I just can’t find how to do it using the pkg> notation…

Currently there is no way to do so with the REPL mode.

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