How to obtain the diagonal vector of a Diagonal matrix without allocations?

I want to obtain D.diag for a Diagonal matrix D, except I’m not sure if this is public. Using diag(D) allocates unnecessarily in certain cases (as it uses similar to ensure type-stability).

julia> D = Diagonal(3:4)
2×2 Diagonal{Int64, UnitRange{Int64}}:
 3  ⋅
 ⋅  4

julia> diag(D)
2-element Vector{Int64}:

julia> D.diag

How to I obtain the range back, given D, in a manner that is considered future-proof to include in a package?

Edit: I’ve found this hack that works, but I’m not sure if this is future-proof:

julia> eigvals(D)

Evidently parent returns this

julia> parent(D)
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