How to not overdraw gridlines in GeoAxis?

I want to draw a surface on GeoAxis and keep the gridlines in the axis. Unfortunately after passing a certain value (100 i think) the surface overdraws the gridlines, which looks quite bad and not very intended. Is there a way to make the Gridlines always visible?

using GLMakie
using GeoMakie

xax = 1:10
yax = 1:15

fig = Figure()

ax = GeoAxis(fig[1,1])

data = [x < 5 ? 10000 * cos(x) * sin(y) : -100 * cos(x) * sin(y) for x in xax, y in yax]

surface!(ax, xax, yax, data)

save("output.png", fig)


translate!(your_plot, 0, 0, -1000) will move your plot back in the z-axis where it can’t overdraw the gridlines. You could also potentially isolate the gridlines and translate! them to e.g. 0, 0, 1000 for the same effect.