How to make one legend entry for same colour?

Is there a way to make one legend entry per colour? I’d like to specify that green represents plants and brown represents nutrients. I am using Plots.jl



foo = 1:10; bar = rand(10, 2)
my_plot = plot(foo, bar)
bart = rand(10)
plot!(my_plot, foo, bart,color=1)


So I’d like to have one legend entry for orange and one for blue, even though it plots foo and bart.

You could just plot the first line of each colour separately and provide a label, then pass an empty label to subsequent plot calls with that colour:

plot(1:10, rand(10), color = 1, label = "Blue")
plot!(1:10, rand(10), color = 2, label = "Orange")

for _ in 1:10
    plot!(1:10, rand(10), color = 1, label  = "")