How to make lines with Julia using Gadfly (Facility location problem)?

Im trying to make the facility location problem algorithm where i have to connect a supplying point to a supplied point , so i got hundreds of supplied points binded to many supplying points so i got something like this
,So i got a possible solution , but dont know how to graph more than one supply point grid im trying to use the next code as example:

using Gadfly
xc = [0,1,0,-1,0,4,0,-2,0,-2]
yc = [0,3,0,-2,0,1,0,2,0,-2]
Gadfly.plot(x=xc, y=yc, Geom.path, Geom.point)

Im also using this code ,with vectors as geometry, but can not graph more than a single supply point and its supplied points which is binded:

using Gadfly

# coordinate system and scales are necessary for Geom.vector

coord = Coord.cartesian(xmin=-5, xmax=5, ymin=-5, ymax=5)
xsc  = Scale.x_continuous(minvalue=-5, maxvalue=5)
ysc  = Scale.y_continuous(minvalue=-5, maxvalue=5)

# prepare the points you want to show

xend = [1,-1,4,-2,-2]
yend = [3,-2,1,2,-2]

# create the supplying center (1,2)

x = fill(1,length(xend))
y = fill(2,length(yend))

# plot everything


So in attempt to graph more than one supply point i get a error, I could make using layers , but dont think proper to make it for hundreds of layers by each supply point.Regards

Welcome to the Julia community!
It think Geom.segment is what you’re looking for, see example here.