How to make a line break and empty line in Literate.jl?

How to make a line break and blank line in Literate.jl (separately)? For some reason it differs from the methods used in typical Markdown.
Simple question, but it breaks my mind.

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When you say “methods used in typical Markdown”, do you mean something like double space ( Literate.jl just leaves the Markdown alone and any parsing and processing is done by the consumer (e.g. Documenter or other things).

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Not at a computer to check, but isn’t it just

# # My heading
# some text followed by line break and blank line
# some other text


I meant smtt like:


\\ is a line breaker

Maybe I wasn’t clear: I would like to be able to create line break and blank line separately. In one case only first, in another only the second.

I think this example answers the case with a blank line, so thank you too ^^

\\ is not Markdown but LaTeX I think, in Markdown you should be able to just use HTML, I think, so <br> should do the job maybe?

It didn’t worked: ERP image · UnfoldMakie.jl

Ah, I at least expected that to work before I would expect \\ to work. Maybe (depending on the workflow, I am not super familiar with Literate.jlone has to specify the
` as raw html.

Unfortunately, doesn’t work: UnfoldMakie Documentation · UnfoldMakie.jl

Oh, I did not check how to actually do that, sorry, but @raw is just for a string in Julia to be raw. I know how to do that in both Documenter (where it is indeed nearly what you wrote, but only for blocks, which does not help so much) and for Quarto/Pandoc. I could not yet find this for Literate.jl