New line in Documenter


How can I add one or more blanks lines in a Markdown document?
I’ve been browsing the web for 10 minutes and I found solution based on HTML (
) or Markdown (&bnsp) or even (~).

None of them work for me.

I am Using: VS code, Julia 1.8.4 and Documenter 0.27.23

Thanks for your help.

It looks like you’re trying to show us the things you’ve tried, but they’re not showing up properly. Can you wrap them in backticks, which is Markdown’s way to signify preformatted text/code?

For example, if I write this:

<button>hi there!</button>

without backticks, it appears like this:
hi there!

But if I wrap it in backticks like this:

`<button>hi there!</button>`

then it shows up like this:

<button>hi there!</button>

You can also wrap things in triple-backticks for block quotes.

Sorry for the confusion. I was simply being polite.

There is not much to show as code. I am editing a file, so no Julia code.

This is really a Documenter ignorance on my side. I want extra vertical space between a sentence and an image. I could not find in the documentation of the Documenter package, nor with a Google search.

Is this possible?

As a plan B I will insert a tiny blank image. Yes, very ugly code, but prettier documentation.

If nothing simpler works, you can try interweaving html directly with an @raw html block.

markdown code
```@raw html
<br style="line-height: 150%;"/>
markdown code

Afterthought #1: In your case, you might prefer to insert the <img> tag directly and set CSS margins to give a little more room?

Afterthought #2: If you want to apply similar spacing adjustments to all images, consider customising the documenter theme.


It works

My problem was I did not understood how to insert html code inside a markdown document.

The triple backquote followed by @raw html was the missing piece.

Thanks a lot.

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