How to lookup longitude/latitude from address string?

How can we lookup an approximate longitude/latitude for a location in the globe given an arbitrary address string (e.g. “San Francisco, CA”)?

You might check to see whether GeoIP.jl can do what you need. It’s primarily used for IP address geolocation, but you might be able to make it work.

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Are the addresses in a consistent format like city, state_abbreviation? If not, your best bet might be the google maps API.

@bramtayl that is the main issue I have, these are arbitrary addresses. I was considering Google maps API, but was told they have strong restrictions about the number of queries per time, unless you pay for it, you cannot query quickly in a loop.

How many addresses are there?

I am guessing 1500, more or less.

I think you should be good. From googling it looks like the limit per day is 2500

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I will definitely give it a try, thanks.