How to list all the functions and types in Base?

I want a complete list of functions in the Base module. What should I do?



function list_functions()
    fncs = filter( x -> isa(getfield(Base, x), Function), names(Base))
    for (i, fn) in pairs(fncs)
        if (mod(i, 10)) == 0
            println("Press enter to continue...")

see: How do I get a list of functions defined in a module?

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If you are in the REPL, then typing Base. and hitting the “Tab” key will also display them.

(But this and names(Base) will give you other variables and constants as well)

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If you’re only interested in functions and types that appear in the documentation, there’s a file “” at Inventory File Repository · JuliaDocs/DocumenterInterLinks.jl Wiki · GitHub which (after you unzip it) you can inspect with your text editor, the standard-library TOML module, or the DocInventories package

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julia> names(Base)
967-element Vector{Symbol}:

How to show the list completely?

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And with the items numbered to help while scrolling:

foreach(println, pairs(names(Base)))
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The TerminalPager package is also good at handling multi-page results. I particularly like the less known commandline mode that can be activated by typing | as the first character on a line, whereafter you can scroll with the usual arrow, PageDown etc keys and quit with q.