How to link to the repo's in the documentation?

I notice that the link to “news” in the documentation for Interpolations.jl is broken. Currently the link points to ../../ Given the directory structure docs/src/, this appears to be the correct relative link. However the link generated in the documentation appears to be “”. How can this be fixed?

Documenter only recognizes the Markdown pages that are under docs/src, and relative links pointing outside of src/ do not work. However, what you can do it just cp the file over to src/ in make.jl before you run makedocs and then refer to it as if it’s under src/.

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Thanks, this sounds like a good idea. Would a symlink work as well? Or should I copy the actual file? Does github pages support symlinks?

Yes, symlinks work and work with GitHub pages. Saves you copying the file every time.

I use this to copy the README into the docs in BioStructures.jl: