How to launch a new Julia notebook from command line?

I’ve installed Julia and IJulia. I have Jupyter, JupyterLab and venv operational previously in my Ubuntu desktop environment. How do I launch a Julia notebook? Is there a link for dummies like me? Thanks.


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I tried the following steps from an existing venv sub-folder:

$ source ./bin/activate
$ julia
julia> using IJulia
 │ Package IJulia not found, but a package named IJulia is available from a
 │ registry. 
 │ Install package?
 │   (@v1.10) pkg> add IJulia 
 └ (y/n/o) [y]: 
julia> notebook()
[ Info: running `/home/reza/projects/jupyterlab/bin/jupyter notebook`
Process(setenv(`/home/reza/projects/jupyterlab/bin/jupyter notebook`; dir="/home/reza"), ProcessExited(1))


Of course, the following was what I needed, as before, but with a button for .jl files now. :grinning:
$ jupyter lab

Thank you very much for understanding my predicament and helping me out.