How to kill a persistent REPL?


I’m using the "julia.persistentSession.enabled": true option of the vs code extension. Its working great. The only thing is that the Julia: Stop REPL only closes the terminal but does not kill the julia instance. Furthermore, issuing exit() does not work properly : it gives a dead pane in tmux, and after that relaunching Julia: Start REPL is not doing anything.

The only solution I have is manually killing hte tmux session julia_vscode wich is kind of barbaric, no ?

That’s mostly intended behaviour. I think we planned to have the “Stop Julia” command also close the tmux session, but that could cause the user to use other processes they started manually.

Oh I see, the intended workflow is that I’ll use that tmux session to also do other things than hosting the Julia REPL ?

Not really. We just can’t stop you from doing that.

Maybe export an other command like Stop persistant REPL that would kill it properly (doing exactly the reverse of Start REPL : my intention is that Start > Stop > Start should work.)

Theoretically it should be fine to use “Stop” for this, because we also have “Disconnect”. Could even ask for confirmation…


Yep that would be a better interface for the functionality.

This has been implemented in version 1.5 of the extension.

Yes, it asks me what I want to do Everytime since maybe a month or two, and it is perfect.

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