How to install Juliapro in Arch (based OS)

Hi guys,

Long time python machine learning (applied to finance) researcher here :slight_smile: After being fascinated by speed of julia, I just wanted to deep dive into julia with Knet. However, I got a little confusion. I can not find a reliable way to install juliapro on arch (specifically manjaro/endeavouros). Any help/guide/link much appreciated :slight_smile:


I’ve had good luck with just using the official (non-pro) Julia binaries without installation on Manjaro. Otherwise there’s also julia-bin in the AUR, which basically just downloads the official binaries and moves them to your system path, so you should be able to modify it to use the JuliaPro binaries instead pretty easily. Note however, that julia-bin can be a little behind the latest stable release, but that shouldn’t matter when you’re using JuliaPro binaries anyways.


Yeah, I have regular Julia installed in two machines that run Manjaro. I had no issues installing the generic Linux binaries provided on the downloads page. I also use Atom for code editing and it runs fine. I’ve never tried JuliaPro, though…

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Thank you very much for your replies guys, @simeonschaub and @alejandromerchan
It seems for now atom+juno is a better (or safe?) option.

For the record, I didn’t have any problems installing JuliaPro on Manjaro. What’s going wrong on your machine?

Actually nothing (literally), because I cant’t find JuliaPro in the AUR, so I could not install it. Do you know how to install it other than the “arch way”?

You have to download and install the binary yourself. Check out the installation instructions.

@pfitzseb, thank you very much. I was not sure but it worked seamlessly, best :slight_smile:

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