How to include Julia REPL output along with code in a markdown code block

Sometimes I see people include example code with output–for example here. How do I do that? I only know backticks and triple backticks.

How do you use Julia? Just copy and paste from the Julia REPL

I use Jupyter. It seems a bit awkward to copy and paste the output from Jupyter.

Out[27]: 2

is about the best I can get and I’m finding it hard to even highlight the “out” part.

Copy and paste from the REPL and use the triple backticks as always.

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Another bitte for the REPL - it has the added benefit of making sure that you’re not running into a jupyter specific issue, and you’re also running your code in a fresh Julia session when you copy it over, so you’ll also find any issues that come from running some code in cells you deleted and forgot about.