How to import low-level API in MPI.jl

I wanted to use one of the low-level APIs MPI.API.MPI_Reduce_scatter from MPI.jl. But I failed to import it using

using MPI: API


using MPI

Does anyone know how to use it?

The 2nd me should work. What error do you get?

Also please consider just opening a PR to MPI.jl: addd the function and a simple test, and I will happily make a new release with it included.

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Thanks for replying. By the second way, I got

julia> using MPI

julia> MPI.API.MPI_Reduce_scatter()
ERROR: UndefVarError: API not defined
 [1] getproperty(x::Module, f::Symbol)
   @ Base ./Base.jl:35
 [2] top-level scope
   @ REPL[2]:1

What version of MPI.jl are you using?

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It works after updating MPI