How to host html files generated by weave.jl on github

I have generated some HTML tutorials docs using weave.jl. I wish to host this HTML link for others to see. For now,
1)I have created a separate github page repo…,… ending with
2) added my html file in it.

For now, all it shows is a raw file with HTML syntax. How do i use this to show case the document , that otherwise i can preview in my Juno or VS Code editors ?

Any inputs from existing packages using weave.jl are also welcome

Web hosting on Github should be through Github Pages, for the reason you discovered - Mime Types

Thanks, i managed to do this. It works

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Also, I worked with @tlienart to help support outputting weaved documents to a franklin hosted website on github:

Furthermore, if you want to see an example of this workflow in action, check out: Where one can use julia markdown documents and render them to weaved HTML web pages.