How to force not to add colors with transparent 3D objects

In GLMakie I would like that the color I use for lines is not added to the transparent 3D mesh object. For example

using GLMakie
using GeometryBasics

fig = Figure(resolution=(1280, 720))
scene = LScene(fig[1,1])
box = Rect3f(Vec3f(-0.5), Vec3f(1))
mesh!(scene, box, color=:lightgray, transparency=true)
lines!(scene, [Vec3f(-2,0,0),Vec3f(2,0,0)], color=:yellow)


and I would like that the line crossing the cube maintains the yellow color.

You need to give the cube a transparent color, e.g (:lightgray, 0.5), and best give lines transparency=true as well!

Yes, it is better, but still is adding the colors. I really would like that yellow inside the cube stays identical to the outside one.