How to eradicate old UUID

I changed the UUID of a package I am working on (because I only realized it later that metadata would assign a new one upon registration).

A private project package which depends on this keeps showing me the old UUID, despite the fact that I

  1. removed its Project.toml
  2. removed its Manifest.toml,
  3. also nuked my whole ~/.julia directory.

Yet the old UUID survives for some reason in pkg> status. How can I track this down?

The thing to nuke/check is probably the Project.toml/Manifest.toml pair for which you call pkg> st.

That’s the first thing I did, didn’t help. Is there a way to trace where pkg> st gets a particular line from (eg by UUID)?

It should only use information from the active Project.toml/Manifest.toml pair. So you are saying that this old uuid does not exist in those files? Do you have any packages tracking a path (i.e. deved)? Does the old uuid exist in any of those deved packages Project.toml files?

No. The old UUID is not anywhere. I nuked everything I could think of, is it cached in some location outside ~/.julia?

Here is a transcript:

julia> VERSION

(v1) pkg> st
    Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.1/Project.toml`
  [bbc10e6e] DynamicHMC v1.0.2 [`~/code/julia/DynamicHMC`]
  [6fdf6af0] LogDensityProblems v0.3.0 [`~/code/julia/LogDensityProblems`]
  [ee283ea6] Rebugger v0.1.4
  [295af30f] Revise v0.7.12
  [84d833dd] TransformVariables v0.1.3 [`~/code/julia/TransformVariables`]

(Couples) pkg> activate /home/tamas/research/spouses-time-allocation/Couples

(Couples) pkg> status
Project Couples v0.1.0
    Status `~/research/spouses-time-allocation/Couples/Project.toml`
  [dce04be8] - ArgCheck v1.0.0
  [336ed68f] - CSV v0.4.0
  [a2cac450] - ColorBrewer v0.4.0
  [a93c6f00] - DataFrames v0.14.0
  [31c24e10] - Distributions v0.16.4
  [ffbed154] - DocStringExtensions v0.5.0
  [bbc10e6e] - DynamicHMC v0.1.0 [`~/code/julia/DynamicHMC`]
  [28d0dd7e] - EponymTuples v0.2.2 [`~/code/julia/EponymTuples`]
  [f6369f11] - ForwardDiff v0.9.0
  [da1fdf0e] - FreqTables v0.3.0
  [025064c8] - LogDensityProblems v0.1.0 [`~/code/julia/LogDensityProblems`]
  [d96e819e] - Parameters v0.10.1
  [37e2e3b7] - ReverseDiff v0.3.1
  [276daf66] - SpecialFunctions v0.7.1
  [90137ffa] - StaticArrays v0.8.3
  [37b6cedf] - Traceur v0.2.0
  [eb4f743c] - TransformVariables v0.1.0 [`~/code/julia/TransformVariables`]
  [37e2e46d] - LinearAlgebra 
  [9a3f8284] - Random 
    Status `~/research/spouses-time-allocation/Couples/Manifest.toml`
  [7d9fca2a] - Arpack v0.2.3
  [6e4b80f9] - BenchmarkTools v0.4.1
  [9e28174c] - BinDeps v0.8.10
  [b99e7846] - BinaryProvider v0.5.0
  [7057c7e9] - Cassette v0.1.1
  [324d7699] - CategoricalArrays v0.3.14
  [944b1d66] - CodecZlib v0.5.0
  [3da002f7] - ColorTypes v0.7.5
  [5ae59095] - Colors v0.9.4
  [861a8166] - Combinatorics v0.7.0
  [bbf7d656] - CommonSubexpressions v0.2.0
  [34da2185] - Compat v1.2.0
  [9a8bc11e] - DataStreams v0.4.1
  [864edb3b] - DataStructures v0.14.0
  [163ba53b] - DiffResults v0.0.3
  [b552c78f] - DiffRules v0.0.7
  [53c48c17] - FixedPointNumbers v0.5.3
  [069b7b12] - FunctionWrappers v1.0.0
  [82899510] - IteratorInterfaceExtensions v0.1.1
  [682c06a0] - JSON v0.19.0
  [1914dd2f] - MacroTools v0.4.4
  [e1d29d7a] - Missings v0.3.1
  [77ba4419] - NaNMath v0.3.2
  [86f7a689] - NamedArrays v0.9.1
  [bac558e1] - OrderedCollections v1.0.2
  [90014a1f] - PDMats v0.9.5
  [f27b6e38] - Polynomials v0.5.1
  [1fd47b50] - QuadGK v2.0.2
  [189a3867] - Reexport v0.2.0
  [ae029012] - Requires v0.5.2
  [79098fc4] - Rmath v0.5.0
  [a2af1166] - SortingAlgorithms v0.3.1
  [2913bbd2] - StatsBase v0.25.0
  [4c63d2b9] - StatsFuns v0.7.0
  [3783bdb8] - TableTraits v0.3.1
  [bd369af6] - Tables v0.1.8
  [3bb67fe8] - TranscodingStreams v0.8.1
  [30578b45] - URIParser v0.4.0
  [ea10d353] - WeakRefStrings v0.5.3
  [2a0f44e3] - Base64 
  [ade2ca70] - Dates 
  [8bb1440f] - DelimitedFiles 
  [8ba89e20] - Distributed 
  [9fa8497b] - Future 
  [b77e0a4c] - InteractiveUtils 
  [76f85450] - LibGit2 
  [8f399da3] - Libdl 
  [56ddb016] - Logging 
  [d6f4376e] - Markdown 
  [a63ad114] - Mmap 
  [44cfe95a] - Pkg 
  [de0858da] - Printf 
  [9abbd945] - Profile 
  [3fa0cd96] - REPL 
  [ea8e919c] - SHA 
  [9e88b42a] - Serialization 
  [1a1011a3] - SharedArrays 
  [6462fe0b] - Sockets 
  [2f01184e] - SparseArrays 
  [10745b16] - Statistics 
  [4607b0f0] - SuiteSparse 
  [8dfed614] - Test 
  [cf7118a7] - UUIDs 
  [4ec0a83e] - Unicode 

shell> cat ~/research/spouses-time-allocation/Couples/Project.toml
authors = ["Tamas K. Papp <>"]
name = "Couples"
uuid = "ce5ba1d2-d6c8-11e8-3882-317d233c7d8f"
version = "0.1.0"


EDIT: this is the complete output, not truncated. And there is no Manifest.toml.

And then if I remove the ~/research/spouses-time-allocation/Couples/.git directory and do julia --project=. in it, everything works as expected.

Does Pkg gather information from the .git history in addition to Project.toml? (also, I am on some other branch than master, and the master branch has the old UUIDs).

Ah yes! In git repos status shows the diff since last commit, rather than the absolute state!