How to download the full content of the dynamic web page?

How to download the full content of the link path=("") ?

The download(path,“file.html”) command generates just a fragment of
the path page.

Scraping dynamic web content is notoriously tricky because every site has its own API and there’s no universal automatic way to do it. It’s possible but sometimes very time consuming even for experienced web developers, so it’s rarely worth the trouble unless a site happens to serve content in a simple way, e.g. structured JSON objects. This one is delivering blobs (binary objects) so you would have to read the javascript code to see how it’s encoded…

For public election data like this it’s usually better to find a central source for all the data. Here it appears you can go to the “Data in Sheets” tab and download it all:

This is MUCH easier if those files have the data you need.