How to disable the "skipping precompilation" info?

I have a module with __precompile__(false), and whenever I load it, I see this printed:

julia> using RossbyPlots
[ Info: Precompiling RossbyPlots [acc5d94c-3556-452d-bda2-c31719193afc]
[ Info: Skipping precompilation since __precompile__(false). Importing RossbyPlots [acc5d94c-3556-452d-bda2-c31719193afc].

I don’t find any value in this info, so I wonder if there’s a way to prevent this from being displayed?


I agree, I also add __precompile__(false) to a lot of packages that recompile several times per day, and since I’ve explicitly disabled the precompilation I see no use for the warning.

I just ran into the same “issue”. Try this:

redirect_stderr(devnull) do
    @eval using RossbyPlots

You can even turn this into a macro in your startup.jl

macro silent_using(pkg)
    return quote
        redirect_stderr(devnull) do
            @eval using $pkg
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