How to disable automatic formatting options in vscode?

I’m referring especially to the indentation and the stripping of trailing semicolons, which I find a bit annoying tbh, but I wonder how to disable any of the automatic formatting settings in vscode? I have looked through the settings but couldn’t find anything obviously standing out.

Does the documentation help answer that question?

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For others stumbling here who didn’t find this in the docs: if you want to fully disable auto formatting with VS Code:

  • go to VS Code settings
  • in the search bar type ‘format
  • under ‘Text Editor’, click ‘Formatting
  • untoggle ‘Editor: Format on Save


I have Editor: Format on Save turned off and VS Code still auto-indents for me. I have managed to turn off the relentless auto-suggestions in Intellisense, but turning off auto-indent and other formatting options still eludes me. Hard for me to believe that there are people who want more of this stuff in their code editors. It’s like walking through Times Square at night with constantly flashing lights.

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