How to convert TOML file into a Structure and vice versa?

Hi I have a large SoilWater-ToolBox model and I have got all the input , Parameters, as a mutable struct. In order to create a package I will need to read the parameters outside the model as recommended in previous post as a TOML.

So the question is how to convert the structure into TOML?
Then how to read TOML file into a structure?

I will be delighted if one can provide me guidance how to perform this task by using the proposed simple structure:

mutable struct OPTION

   mutable struct TRANSPIRATION
      Evaporation :: Bool
      Transpiration :: Bool

   mutable struct SOIL
      Topsoil :: Bool
      Macropore :: Bool

Evaporation = true
Transpiration = false
   transpiration = TRANSPIRATION(Evaporation, Transpiration)

   Topsoil = true
   Macropore = false
soil = SOIL(Topsoil, Macropore)

option = OPTION(transpiration, soil)

I think that’s what Home · StructTypes.jl is for.